Happy Statistics

Was your event amazing or just “meh”? Collect feedback from your customers in easy, fast and convenient way with Happy Statistics.

Intuitive feedback system is designed to get fast and unbiased response which shows how people feel about your company’s event, product or service.

Let’s Do

New and innovative business idea generator Let’s Do is an innovative and free business idea generator. Just download it and be ready to count those moneys!

Krč Darom

New and innovative business idea generator Krč Darom currently is available only in Lithuanian language. You can see example below: 

Nori užkurti savo verslą, bet nežinai, nuo ko pradėti? Inovatyvi „Krč darom“ programėlė – tavo verslo pradžios patarėjas, guru ir verslo angelas viename. Spausk ir sužinok daugiau!

Doodle Drawing

Two colors. One screen. Infinite possibilities. We took simple doodling everyone loves and added some digital magic to make it even better. Create your own masterpiece – accidentally! Now with more kickass features!

Loan Calc

Simple, but powerful loan calculator for Annuity and Linear mortgage types.


Send lends to your friends and sync automatically with each other. Never forget who owns you! (currently in development)

Password Safe

Store sensitive information the old-school way – put it in the safe. Password Safe safely encrypts all your passwords and turns information storage into a fun mini game!

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